Green Freakzilla? is the second album from GUMX. The band’s sound is pop punk heavily influenced by skate pop and bands from the United States, many of which were on San Francisco’s Fat Wreck Chords. There are two versions of Green Freakzilla?, one in English and one in Korean.

It’s interesting to hear the album because it was released in 2004. GUMX drummer 최건 (Choi Gun) went on to Tacopy and 이용원 (Lee Yongwon) is the guitar and vocals of Yellow Monsters. The style and sound of the band is fun and energetic pop punk that continues through each of the 13 songs.

In terms of variety, there isn’t too much because of the style of music but there are slightly slower songs for the genre. A lot of focus is on melodic vocals and upbeat songs.

If you’re a fan of the genre and have been missing the style from Korean music, GUMX is the perfect band to fill the space. The tempo and melodic vocals are a fun to listen to and listening to the music of GUMX, especially with Lee Yongwon’s style shows how that translated to Yellow Monsters.

Like most punk rock, the album is short at 30 minutes but each song is enjoyable and the band produced a great album.

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