This 4 track EP from the Busan based 8-piece ska band is a great dose of sunshine. Having been quite busy on the live scene, and even making their way to Seoul very often lately, it’s since to have a recording on which to compare their energetic live sets. The good news is that, whilst many ska acts fail to harness what makes them so good live onto their recordings, Ska Wakers have managed to do just that.

“Topknotz” is a purely gorgeous taste of old-skool Ska, full of energy and frenetic fun. “This is Ska” is a little more relaxed, allowing vocalist Ding D Dingsae to shine a little more. “Bless My Sista” is the 2nd instrumental that shows the positive energy and lets the 3-piece horn section lead the way. The final track “What is Love” enters reggae/dub territory a little, displaying a touch of variety that shows their song writing depth.

The Korean ska scene continues to grow and with 4 excellent tracks, the Ska Wakers EP will leave you wanting more. It has definitely left me with a stronger urge to see them again, and I also can’t wait for a full album.

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