24Hours was recommended to me by JaeHyuk Choi of Yellow Monsters. I didn’t know anything about the band before I saw them live. Their British garage rock style carries a different energy from other bands that I’ve heard. Blackhole is their official single release.

24hours blackhole

Even with three songs, 24Hours display their talent in their music. It’s a short audio sampler to the ability of the band and the addictive music they create. The first song “Blackhole” has a great attitude. The verses repeat themselves and create fun grooves with the two guitars overlapping melodies. The bridge showcases all the instruments even though it’s a little short. As a first song, Blackhole is impressive.

“ABCD” is 24Hours’ melodic upbeat song. It doesn’t follow Blackhole’s style, but contains more melody in the vocals and guitars with cleaner presentation of music. The song structure is the common 4/4 time signature, but 24Hours create another fun song to listen to. It’s easily an addictive song to hear.

The last song “Jane” is my favorite. The fast tempo of the song is highlighted by the amazing guitar riffs that follow each verse. The chorus is simple with a “La-la-la” sing-a-long and allows people to join in. It’s hard to describe how well the band plays their songs especially with the amount of energy the songs require.

24Hours are a young band, but each member meshes well on their respective instruments. The three songs they present are amazing because they contain a different energy that I haven’t heard from in a while. The band is one to watch as they grow.

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