Having loved their live performances, especially their great afternoon set at last years Jisan Valley Rock Festival, I was excited to hear their debut album. It was sold out in the first few places I tried, and when I finally got my hold on it, I was not disappointed. The sound of HarryBigButton is something I would describe as classic rock with a touch of early metal & a touch of alt-rock.

harrybigbutton kings life

Primarily a 3-piece, with Lee Sungsoo (lead vocals & guitar) Park Juyong (guitar) & Chung Ryoo (Bass) rounded out by a drummer, the HBB sound is familiar yet modern take on all that is good about loud rock. Boasting members previously in groups like Crash, sPoON & Art of Parties, I was surprised by how clear and crisp the album is- you can hear the effort made in the production of what is a loud & proud dirty album.

There are some big bad riffs here- look no further than “Angry Face,” “King’s Life” or “F*#% you very Much” for great examples of the attitude and sound. Some of these songs literally slap you in the face. “Everything is Fine Except Money” is another live favorite that sounds fantastic – they have really managed to capture their energy & enthusiasm for rock!

But dig further and you find something in more meaningful than the sound first hints at. This seem like a more personal album, and the ballads, such as “어항 속의 고래” & “The Road” remind me of the times when rock bands had something to say rather than were just trying to sell records. These tunes so a more subtle side to HBB that nicely balances out the album. What’s also great is that most of the tracks are in English, & Lee Sungsoo even utilizes a subtle British accent, which further adds to the classic sound & emotion

King’s Life does everything a debut release should do- adds to their already awesome live sound & reputation, captures where they are, and rocks your pants off. Definitely check this one out.

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