I’m already a big fan of Vildulgi OoyoO. The shoegaze style of the band is fun to listen to and Aero is still one of my go-to albums when I need great ambient music.

vildulgi ooyoo goodnight shining

Goodnight Shining is a split EP from the band and while it doesn’t offer the same arc that their full-length does, it’s a great indie EP showing off the band’s style. The music is slow and methodical. The first song “Mosquito Incognito” is a song that has drums keeping the beat and the guitars pushing different sounds rather than chords. Once the chorus starts, it becomes slightly psychedelic. It’s an excellent song to explore the different instrumental layers.

The second song “Dusky” is a little more post-rock than shoegaze by increasing the tempo. At first it sounds like an electronia song, but quickly changes into a instrumental song. Goodnight Shining does feel a little more rock than showgaze as “Mermaid Queen” has an indie rock style. The EP’s namesake song is back to shoegaze with a little faster beat than “Mosquito Incognito,” but closes out the album excellently.

Vidulgi OoyoO is one of the best shoegaze bands in Korea. They haven’t released much, but their albums are great. They are one band that you have to listen to if you are interested in shoegaze.

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