The past couple times I visited Seoul, I’ve been able to see Love X Stereo perform live. It never occurred that even though I met them in person, I never asked for an interview. So to correct that mistake, I contacted Annie, lead singer, who was open to me sending question for the band to answer.

(Small Trivia) Love X Stereo is also one of the earliest bands that I found on bandcamp.

love x stereo

Can you introduce the band?

Hi, we are Love X Stereo. We started out as an alternative rock band reminiscing the 90s. But we like to keep our sound up to date, so we try to infuse a lot of electro elements into our music. So it’s basically, 21st century style alternative rock that you can dance along.

The history of the band has been mentioned numerous times. The electronica/rock style you play is becoming more popular with Korean bands. Do you see this as an evolution of the music from South Korea?

We think that there is a definite trend here with all those synth-rock styles that got started about 2-3 years ago. We feel that ever since Two Door Cinema Club became a huge hit, a lot of bands tend to go for that kinda style. So, no, it’s not an evolution, it’s just merely a trend.

We try to avoid “The Trend” as much as humanly possible. (And to be honest, we can never pull that off, either 🙂 )

What are the band’s influences?

90s alternative/rock/punk – The Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Flaming Lips, Oasis, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack, NOFX, Bad Religion
90s electro music – The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Apollo440
80s synth pop/rock – New Order and many more
70s Korean psychedelic – Shin Joong-hyun, He6

What are the challenges the band has had when making music or performing live?

Just one thing: we have so much gear, so we feel like we really need a car, or a manager, or both, but that hasn’t happened, YET.

There are many sites that talk about Korean indie music, what do you think about the genre becoming more popular internationally?

Well, to think of it, the word K-indie itself is kinda weird and awkward to us. We just want to be accepted as a rock artist who happens to live in Korea, and that will do just fine. But there must be some kind of process that needs to be done, I guess.

So for Korean indie music (as a latecomer), in order to gain love and respect internationally, like the way we’d actually want to achieve it in the near future, we feel like we need to be better and better everyday.

Any goals for 2013?

We are preparing a new EP that will come out soon in this summer, so we’re having high hopes for that. We are about to release new videos like high quality live sessions at our studio.

We are currently working on collaboration projects with various pop artists, DJs, and fellow artists. And we would like to go on an international tour if possible.

We are coming up with fresh new songs this summer. It’s going to be HOT!

Are there any bands to recommend?

Rock’N’Roll Radio, New Blue Death, Used Cassettes, WHOwho, Juck Juck Grunzie, We Are The Night, Les Sales, Killer Drones, The Quip, Tier Park, Angry Bear, Dongmyo Police Box, Love Shop, Table People, Luditstelo, Monkey Beats, Sizose, Kite Flying Robot, Gutz, Lowdown 30 etc.

What bands are you listening to now?

Daft Punk, obviously!

Anything to say to readers?

Meet you at Glastonbury, SOON!

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Love X Stereo’s site.
Love X Stereo on bandcamp.

Both times I’ve seen the band, they played great shows. With a new EP this summer, there will be new sounds from the band. I do enjoy the last two EPs the band released, but I’m hungry for new music. Love X Stereo is an great band that can use your support.