Smells is a producer. His EP, Up and Down, features some very addictive beats accompanied by guest vocals from Demicat and Neon Bunny. The EP contains three main tracks with a remix by Demicat and HYOO along with two instrumental tracks.

Even with the small number of songs, Up and Down is amazing in how easy it is to get drawn into the beats and instrumentals of each song. While “All Night Love” featuring Demicat is more groove focused with a slower tempo, as the first track it serves as a great introduction to the kind of style.

smells up and down

The main track is “Listen To Your Heart” featuring Neon Bunny. A more dance friendly song, the song brings up the tempo and has a slight Daft Punk melodic style. If you listened to Neon Bunny before, this song fits her style perfectly. Her voice melds with the melodies perfectly and the song is among one of the best dance pop songs I’ve heard. There isn’t much more to ask from the excellent arrangement in this song.

Named after the EP, “Up and Down” featuring Son Seungyon also has a similar style to “Listen To Your Heart” except it has a much more repetitive lyrical line to follow along to the music in the intro of the song. This song also contains amazing arrangements and all the separate lines of samples combine into an excellent track. It’s difficult to decide between either song as the favorite.

Rounding out the middle of the EP are the two remixes of “Dance with Me” that present two different styles. If you’re interested in the possibilities of remixing and sampling, these are two songs to learn from. The final two songs are instrumentals of “Listen To Your Heart” and “Up and Down.” Each song works well without the vocal accompaniment, but they really feel more special with the guest vocals.

Having never heard of Smells before the EP, it’s a great introduction to the ability of a producer in South Korea. This type of music isn’t normally my style, but Up and Down has made me want to explore the genre a lot more.

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