When I saw Evelyn Hahn on bandcamp, the song list looked a little familiar. It turned out that she went by another name previously and released a couple of singles. Returning with a set of demo tracks, I was interested if she was doing another style entirely.

evelyn hahn

The demo tracks don’t differ much in style, though it’s easier to hear her voice on each song. It’s hard to tell if she’s looking to try music as a soloist or possibly inside in a band, but her distinct voice is memorable. While the demo won’t accurately capture all the elements of her voice, it does show the emotion that comes out from it.

“Love That Will Always Be There” is my favorite song of the demo tracks. It is simple in instrumentals, but allows her voice to be the primary focus. Her voice is melodic, but not pitch perfect with her vocals having a individual style. I’m curious how her voice would work in both a solo and full band setup.

These demo tracks show a lot of potential as a vocalist. The songs are all sung in English so I think with the right direction she could make a big impact. “Whataya Want From Me” is the song that I heard previously and it’s a hard rock song. It fits her voice perfectly and it’s the song that differs from the others which are slower.

I’m not sure what direction Evelyn Hahn is looking to go towards, but there’s a lot of room to experiment.

Evelyn Hahn on Facebook.
Evelyn Hahn on bandcamp.

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