While monitoring koreanindie’s Facebook page, I saw a message from Flash Finger. I was very curious what the message contained and found out that Flash Finger was a producer and member of Newton.

After talking for a bit through Facebook, he shared links to Collaboration online. After listening to a couple of the tracks, I asked him if he would answer some questions.

Electronic pop is a new genre that I’m exploring and I wanted to know more about the genre and asked him for more information.


Can you introduce yourself?

Hello. I’m Flash Finger of Newton & BeatBurger. I am electronic Producer/DJ in Korea.

You seem to be part of a lot of different projects besides Newton. You were also a part of the DJMax game?

Yes, I am. Mr. Funky is my nickname in the DJMAX Game. I heard Mr. Funky’s tracks are popular in America and South America, too.

How would you describe being a producer in Korea?

I was guitarist before being a producer, and was also in a band at that time. I played guitar in a band for about 9 more years, but my band broke up for some reason.

After disbanding, one day I accidentally went to a party. And I saw a DJ there, a DJ saved my life and I became a Producer/DJ.

Where do you get your influences from in your music?

Sometimes I influenced by movies. One of my tracks “Heal the World” is influenced by Les Miserables. And a lot of former music I liked too.

What’s your personal process in making music? What tools do you use to make music?

Sometimes I make the beat first. I like house music beats. I always make the beat first. And I am a heavy user of
Ableton Live. Recently, I use Logic and Cubase 7 too. Sequencer is just a tool, I think.

Newton released a lot of music in a less than a year, what’s the writing process of the group?

Newton was duo at first. I made the beat, sound design, synthesizing, and top melody line too. And Jane (former Newton Member) recorded guitar and we also made the top melody line together.

After releasing our original album, Newton released a remix album. There are my remixes inside with the name of Mr. Funky & Flash Finger.

Jane and I went separate ways after the Weekend single. I continued Newton and I planned to make Newton’s new ep Collaboration with my favorite producer/DJ in Korea. And we made Collaboration well. I like the workflow.

Is there any message that you send through Newton’s music?

I hope everybody is happy. Everyone can smile, loving, working, and dancing without troubles.

Both Collaboration/Collaboration Remix contain remixes of the three main songs, how did Newton get these produced?

After producing my original tracks, I made stem files of the original tracks, and I mailed or called my favorite producers.

I asked for remixes of my original track and they always sent me awesome tracks. And there are global friends like Justin Maes from Netherlands and CRYSTAL BOY from England. It amazing.

How did you get the guest vocals from Kjun, Woori, and Gyuhyun for Collaboration?

Kjun was vocal of my former band SWINGBROS. He has a really nice voice and is also voice actor in Korea.

And I was introduced to Woori by Stephen, who is one of my brothers and boss of a promotional company. Her voice fits well for “Faster, Better, Stronger.”

Lastly I love Gyuhyun’s voice. When I first heard his voice, I hopes to work together, and we collaborated.

How is the scene for dance and DJs in South Korea? It’s not something that’s known outside South Korea other than news about producers making music for idol groups?

Hmm. It’s been almost a decade for Korean dance music scene. I went there around 2007. There are many small, but unique clubs in Hongdae, Seoul. But now many small, but valuable clubs closed and there are K-POP Remix clubs.

Many big clubs rose and thousands of people come to clubs every weekend. But they don’t know exactly what’s the name of the DJ or Producer.

And some clubs can’t play tracks with Korean lyrics because of quality reasons? I think there is still a musical gap between Europe and Korea. But we are born and live in Korea now.

Are there any upcoming DJs or producers that have impressed you? Either in South Korea or internationally?

I love Madeon‘s track. His chord process and sound design impresses me.

And I expect great things from Justin Maes, one of my Dutch talented young brothers. Justin joined my Collaboration remixes album, and it is so cool.

And I love J.Williams‘ track so much. We collaborated together making “Collaboration feat. Kjun.” I found his huge talent. I hope he becomes a Discovery Music Artist haha!

What part does Discovery Music have in the scene for DJs and producers?

I hope Discovery Music can help artists distribute music. Artists who don’t know how to release their album globally. And also discover artists who have talent and passion, too.

Flash Finger and Newton is the 1st artist of Discovery Music now. And many artist’s tracks will be distributed by Discovery Music.

Is there potential for Korean electronic pop/DJ/produced music to gain more of an international following?

I think we can. Coz making electronic is not much different internationally or in Korea. We take 5 years of baby steps, and it will be close to global standard.

The only problem is the language problem and promotional problems for Producer/DJ in the Korean Electronic Scene.

Does electronic pop music from South Korea have an difference from the rest of the world?

The difference is in the attraction point, I think. K-Electronic Pop has a unique melody and sound too.

And the language difference gives a difference from the other parts of the world.

Anything to say to readers?

I’m happy to interview with koreanindie. And I’ll keep going releasing tracks and albums. Hopes you like it. We can have a go.

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Newton on iTunes.

Flash Finger has a lot of insight on the Korean electronic pop scene involving Producers and DJs. It’s a world that I was unaware of, but want to take more time exploring to find out more information.

It’s not standard music that I normally listen to, but there’s another whole genre that I’m starting to learn about. Support Flash Finger and Newton. It sounds like he’s working all the time to create new music.

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