It’s been a long time since I listened to Sogyumo Acacia Band. With Slow Diving Table, I’m not sure if the band always played mellow indie rock. Regardless of a possible change in style, Sogyumo Acacia Band present an amazing ambient and melodic album.

sogyumo acacia band slow diving table

The first song, “꿈길,” is an introduction track and uses a synth to present itself. This also makes it a little strange as the intial way to be introduced to the band. “If You Leave” is a better presentation because it’s the first song with a recognizable structure. It’s also sung in English.

Slow Diving Table’s core is focused in low-key indie music. Each song carries a similar theme with slower tempos and a carefree feeling to each beat while presenting the melodies and vocals with an emotional weight. It feels simple on the surface, but the emotion feels like it’s underlying.

The album doesn’t have a lot of the characteristics of other Korean musicians. It sounds a lot more international except with songs in English and Korean. It’s also possible to say that while the songs don’t outwardly present it, the themes of the song are moodier than expected.

Sogyumo Acacia Band’s Slow Diving Table was unfortunately missed by myself when it originally released, but it has a tone that’s different and should be heard.

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