It’s not often that a producer will release a free compilation album, even more so when it’s an album with 25 tracks. But that is what MasterClass has done with his free bandcamp compilation album.

masterclass compilation

Dubbed as “hip-hop,” “Jazz hip-hop,” and “lounge,” the descriptions on the bandcamp page accurately describe the different tracks on the album. It’s laid-back music utilizing slow tempos and interesting mixtures of beats and styles. Since there are 25 songs, there’s a lot of music to digest.

MasterClass uses a lot of different instruments in his music depending on the song, but a focus is with beats and piano to create alternating melodies.

There is a lot of Jazz influence in the songs from the melodies. The drums are a mixture of live samples and programmed beats, but the live recordings carry a bit more strength than the programmed tracks.

Given that it’s free, there’s no reason to not give the album a try. There may be some tracks that aren’t as interesting, but the variety is the strength in the release.

I’ve never heard his music be used for other artists, so I’m curious how his music can be used besides as instrumentals. It’s a great release that gives you an excellent sample of his music.

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