beat china is the second release from Kwon Sunwook of Achime under his solo name. His previous release contained four songs that felt like a big step away from Achime with electronica and synth taking the main presence in the songs.

bad environment couple beat china

It’s only increased with beat china. The first single is named after the release and is a mixture of 8-bit, dubstep, samples, and a lot of bizarre sounds. But even with the combination of all these sounds, he still creates a very addictive song. It’s kind of jarring when you first listening to it, but it does find it’s rhythm within the first 30 seconds.

“Video Blog” is more danceable compared to “beat china,” but also take a little time to introduce all the elements to the song. It’s also the song that has a similarity to Daft Punk‘s Tron soundtrack. It could be because one of the samples sounds like it comes from the movie. It’s apparent that Sunwook has knowledge of how to create addictive song structures based off of “Video Blog.” But if you were expecting something like Achime, it doesn’t exist here.

The last song is a remix of “Hanbanjung” which did sound familiar to me when listening to it. It sounds like the biggest change is that it’s tempo has been sped up a bit and more dance electro-pop elements have been added. It’s not the strongest song on the single, but still fun as the closer.

Seeing Sunwook continue to release music outside of Achime makes me wonder if this work influences the songs of his band. bad environment couple caters to more electronica and electro-pop fans, but with 7 songs, he’s created an interesting mix of music.

bad environment couple on bandcamp.

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