Listening to Fanny Fink goes back a lot of years because the album release in 2007. The band’s indie style is influenced heavily by polyrhythms and sounds like there’s a lot of varied influence in the music. It’s very light music supported through the quick tempos and female vocals that live in the high tones.

fanny fink mr romance

From the first song that has a heavy bossa nova theme, the second song brings in synth and electronica supported by keyboards. It’s a big turn from the first song. Fanny Fink change again with “24” by presenting a mellow indie rock song. The different directions that Fanny Fink take make finding a song that defines the band difficult.

They continue the trend for the remainder of the album. It’s not possible to claim Fanny Fink play any one specific style because they move into different genres so easily. It’s core is still in the vocals which don’t change that much compared to the music.

Fanny Fink is an early band that I listened to when I began listening to Korean indie music and I enjoyed Mr Romance when I first heard it. There aren’t a lot of bands who playing lighter mellow music, and it’d be interesting to find out where the members went.

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