My favorite song from Square the Circle is “Bitchquito.” But considering the band has only released a three song single before, there wasn’t much to choose from. With the release of 1003, Square the Circle properly introduce themselves as a very tight and precise rock band.

square the circle 1003

Instead of three songs, 1003 contains five songs, but brings “Bitchquito” back. It’s still one of my favorite rock songs. The change is that Square the Circle switch on vocals. It adds a new layer to the music as the faster rock songs are more like the original single and the new songs showcase a different side of the band. Joonhee Park is now one half of the vocals.

“The Golden Yellow” is the first song that introduces Hyorohl Ahn and it also slows the tempo down a bit. The deeper tone of his voice creates a different presentation of the band. It doesn’t sound like he’s straining as he sings, but the slight hoarseness of his voice really mixes well with the song. You can still hear the core of the recognizable Square the Circle sound, but it does come across a bit different.

“Vegetable Juice” is another new song that shows dual vocals. It’s interesting to hear how the two vocals flow through the song and make it sound different between verses. Square the Circle seem to have found their voice with this setup and the song is excellent.

Waiting for a new release from Square the Circle, it’s been a long time. I am glad to say that it’s been worth the wait because 1003 have expanded the sound of the band while showing they are quickly growing into one to watch.

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