Looking through the usual tags on bandcamp, Sailli‘s Universature was a little bit of a bizarre release. With descriptions like “abstract,” “electronic,” and “future” it left a lot of room to what kind of music the EP would be.


The first song “Freakquency” doesn’t really introduce much of the sound and serves like an introduction. The second song, “Fly First” is a better impression of the music from Sailli. It’s bass-focused, heavy in synth, and carries a lot of weight through the tempo.

I don’t know if it would work as a instrumental for a hip-hop artist to use vocals over that well. “Beatmakk” continues this trend. Its use of snare isn’t on beat so occasionally causes a bit of confusion. The groove of the song is excellent though.

Univerature is a strange mixture of styles and the descriptions tell a lot about the music. It’s definitely a different style of hip-hop instrumental and “abstract” describes it a lot better. The EP is also short at five songs with only one track going over three minutes. “Xpace Rule” is the most laid-back track and has the most potential to be used an a backing instrumental.

Sailli’s EP is interesting. With a very different sound, you really get a taste of how the construction of these songs comes from a different place of inspiration. It would be really interesting to hear someone take these tracks and apply vocals to them.

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