I was introduced to Demicat through Smells. The remix of “Dance Wit Me” gave a preview into the style that Demicat uses. With Out Loud, you get a full introduction to the type of produced music he creates.

demicat outloud

It’s very centered on melody and grooves. The first track, “Make Us Whole,” is a fun songs mixed with some very disco-esque samples. The slow tempo is perfect and creates an image of laidback landscapes. “Locked in the Dream featuring Koonta” follow the a similar trend to “Make Us Whole.” The vocals add another level to the music as well with the smooth vocals flowing at the surface.

One of the songs I liked is “Higher Ground” because it presents a beat-forward groove mixed with electro-pop synth that accents itself around the melody. It has a throwback feeling to it. Neon Bunny makes another guest vocal appearance on “Singing Bird” once again allowing her vocals to shine. Her voice is excellent for the genre because it has a very calming feeling with the melody. It’s always nice to hear her voice again and her guest spots are some of the best.

My favorite song has to be “Hold Me Tight” because of all the polyrhythms that are layered in the song. These range from sampled vocals to the persistent melody that divides each beat. “Hold Me Tight” sounds like a percussive electronica and synth song.

Demicat is an excellent producer. With a style that’s complimentary to Smells, it’s easy to like both. But Demicat does have his own signature style that he shows in Out Loud. The only gripe is that I wish there were more songs.

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