Whether or not the MFBTY is now the new Drunken Tiger, the fact that Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy are collaborating with Tiger JK has resulted in some amazing music. The Cure is different from MFBTY’s single. While the group included the previously released songs, the new songs are much more mellow and melodic.


Not to say “Sweet Dream” isn’t melodic, but songs like “Beautiful Life” and “The Cure” have a subdued and different construction. Just taking “Beautiful Life” and it’s a whole different tone. “Time Traveler” is a bit more similar to old Drunken Tiger through the instrumentals, but it doesn’t use an aggressive beat and feels like a test on returning to the old ways.

The songs from MFBTY are included in the EP and “All in Together” is the song that lets Bizzy make a bigger presence. His style is compatible with Tiger JK in how he speaks the verses and Yoon Mi Rae continues to impress with each appearance.

Old fans of Drunken Tiger may be confused on the return because it’s not like his previous album. Newer fans will enjoy the progression from MFBTY. Regardless, the trio make some very interesting music that’s a lot of fun and impressive. If this if the new Drunken Tiger, there’s a lot of music that could be in early forms that will surpass The Cure.

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