On occasion, bands contact koreanindie about an upcoming release or to introduce themselves. Tierpark was one of those bands. Their self-titled full-length is releasing October 10, but I’ve been listening to it for a week or so. Describing their genre as post-rock, art rock, experimental, and more, Tierpark do have a very strong base in post-rock.


The vocals by Sehee Kim make the music strangely addictive. Her voice flows between every beat and guitar riff creating a slightly operatic theme, especially on “푸른 사막.” It’s hard to describe the first impression of the band, except that it’s quiet and intense. Somehow on the songs, which don’t sound like they have a lot of power, the emotion that comes from each verse is intense.

the album features eight songs and has a length around 52 minutes. Most songs are around the six minute mark, which allows the arrangements to flourish and speak during each verse. While some post-rock has a possibility to sound like the music is artificially extended, all the songs on Tierpark sound like they contain the essential parts of the song while still allowing for improvisation.

Post-rock music isn’t something I listen to all hours of the day and it’s confined to specific moods. Tierpark hit all the right moments with all their songs. It’s interesting, dense, and a technically impressive album that sounds like it can go in a lot of directions when performed live.

The genre is getting bigger and bands can blend together, but Tierpark have a signature that makes them unique.

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