While searching bandcamp, I listened to a sample of Haliban. I liked the simplistic sound of the acoustic guitar and the minimalist recording of Rosacentia. “안녕, 로자센티아!” is an excellent first track because it highlights the guitar.

haliban rosaacentia

The album is an acoustic instrumental album, focusing on the guitar only. I thought there might be at least one song with vocals, but the release works well as a instrumental album. The only problem is that the songs have a tendency to blend together into one long song.

Rosacentia recording has it sounding a bit like a demo, which doesn’t take away from the release but it leaves an empty space and feeling that there’s something missing. As you can only listen to the guitar, following the song structure takes concentration and sometimes you can wander from the music.

Haliban has talent with the guitar and it would be interesting to hear the songs expanded with either lyrics or a backing band to add a developed sound. Considering it’s a free download, it’s worth listening to. The music is kind of missing one piece that would make it even more endearing.

The best song to me is “짝사랑” because it sounds like it has a full developed structure while some other songs sound like they’re more of a verse-chorus and missing a complete bridge. Regardless, Haliban is a great listen for folk fans.

Haliban on bandcamp.

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