El_Casta has been sitting in my library for a good amount of time and I listened to Dam Burst!/The Galaxy Revisited consistently. It’s an instrumental electronica and synth album. Released in July 2012, the album is a collection of great mixes. It’s an expanded re-release of older songs. The original The Galaxy Turntable has become The Galaxy Revisited with remastered tracks. In a way, it’s a split album and a remaster.

el casta dam burst the galaxy revisited

Regardless, the songs are great. Featuring a lot of different layers, it takes time to really hear all the elements of each song. The sound of El_Casta is different from other electronic bands that I’ve heard before. The tracks are all individual, but carry an overall theme that sounds a bit alien and bizarre. At first listen El_Casta is kind of strange.

But with an open mind, the music is pretty addictive because it’s weird. The songs might not immediately catch the ear, but they do become really interesting through repeated listens. Though if electronica isn’t a genre that you’re a big fan of, the music might be a little too strange.

With sixteen songs, Dam Burst!/The Galaxy Revisited is a lot of music to devour. Even with the last six songs being remasters, chances are you’ve never heard of El_Casta before and these songs will all be new. Give the duo a try. It’s almost like they’re creating music for themselves that others can appreciate.

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