I really like Soulfulmonster‘s Much Love. It has tons of potential while still being a great release and as he continues to make music I won’t be surprised how much better it gets. Since he contacted koreanindie about his debut release, I thought it would be interesting for him to introduce himself to readers.

In his own words, “Actually, that will be my first interview in my career and, I think, very interesting.” so I guess this is the first interview by Soulfulmonster.


Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Soulfulmonster. I`m a Korean singer, songwriter & music producer.

How did you come up with the name Soulfulmonster?

I made the name ‘soulfulmonster’ when I was 19. I thought that the cartoon monsters destroy cities and kill people, but the real monsters hide among people and never come out. I thought real monsters would do so because of people’s abhorrence and fear toward him. He wouldn`t want to easily unveil himself to the world.

I thought I would be something like this if I got to be a musician. Because I’m very different from “normal people,” I’m a monster and people would be frightened of me and isolate me. So I believed I could communicate with them only through music. Nothing`s changed now. Maybe a little?

This is your first release, how do you feel about presenting yourself for the first time?

I`ve been producing for about 8 years even though I have no officially presented works. So, I think this is just a turning point in my career. I feel much less burden despite some regrets, but ultimately I feel better because I clearly expressed what I intended to deliver. I finally took my first step into the world.

Can you describe your music? And influences that lead you to performing this style?

I think every music piece is the outcome of previously produced great music. In the same way, my music is the outcome of all music that I have listened to and that have influenced my life. I can`t deny I was influenced by many American Hip-hop & R&B musicians, like Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, D`angelo, The-dream, The Weekend, and Frank Ocean, and also Korean musicians like Seo-taiji & Boys.

But the most important thing I really tried the hardest to put into my music was to tell my own story and express my own unique color. Music that simply mimics that of Michael Jackson is valueless. The reason is that Michael Jackson’s music is more than 200 times more beautiful and listening to the original is much happier than listening to that seems to copy it. I always think about what it is that only I can express and deliver. It`s the permanent question.

How do you compose your music? Do you start with lyrics or listen to the instrumental and get inspiration from that?

When the overall concept of the album is set, I make the beat tracks first. Then, I put some melody lines on it. I think such process makes me less bound by some rules and more drastic in making my music. Usually, writing lyrics comes last. Sometimes I start making the mood of the track for the floating lyrics but mostly I write down the stories for the mood after making the beats and melodies.

I usually take pains to write the lyrics, so the demo guides come out first without the lyrics. Then, I listen to the track again and again for more than several hundred times, I make a note every time something comes up and organize them afterwards.

What is the message that you’re presenting with Much Love?

Girls say “Much love” at the end of their messages. A man who receive such message in fact always wanna hear sweet words like “my love” or “I love you”. But, she never says those words for him. It`s about a one-way, unbalanced love. The main character of this album is not a cool guy or a sexy guy. It`s like a true love story not like ones in movies.

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?

I’ve never really thought about it. But whoever he or she would be, I wanna produce another musician`s entire album as a director. Finding the musician`s strengths, sketching the concept of his or her album, making and selecting the suitable tracks will probably be a fun and meaningful experience. Maybe I wanna be like Jose Mourinho, not Drogba or Lampard.

What made you decide to become a singer?

When I was 18, I got to perform for the first time in my life in front of about 1000 people. I liked web design before, and I have liked films for a long time. But, I have never loved anything more than music. When I told people I wanted to be a singer, everybody said “Are you kidding me?” But I wasn’t. The thrill and excitement of that moment on my first stage still lives in my mind. I think that was the beginning of everything.

Do you have any goals with Much Love? How do you think it differs from other releases in the R&B genre?

Simple. I want many people to listen to my album. The channel through which I can deliver my music is narrower than what I desire. I received no support for this album and if there are people who are impressed by it and connect with it now, I believe more people will enjoy my music if more channels open up.

The most special thing in this album is that the seven pieces connect to make a storyline just like a movie. It is a compilation album containing a single story made from several scattered dim memories. Also, it is not a story about the kind of Hollywood love, it`s about our love, the real kind of love. I believe this is the most distinguishing factor set apart from other R&B albums like that of R.Kelly or Trey Songz.

Is there anything you want to accomplish in 2014?

My only goal is to make better music and enjoy it myself. Not only in 2014, but all throughout the rest of my life.

Anything to say to readers?

If you have ever loved someone sincerely, you`re gonna love this album. And, thank koreanindie.com for introducing Korean indie music. Please keep your eyes on me and also koreanindie.com. Thank you for reading.

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I’m curious to see the progress of Soulfulmonster. He’s definitely got all the experience to make music and I have a feeling the next time he releases music, it will be a big step forward. Give him support online and give his album a listen.

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