I’ve been waiting for an official release of LudiSTELO for a while. After watching performances from Nanjang on YouTube, I wanted to hear full mastered versions of the song. Play The Earth is a three song single which captures the sound that I hoped LudiSTELO would have in final form and I am not disappointed.

ludistelo play the earth

The three songs are an excellent introduction to the band. Sangjin Park is also a member of Ratios and there is a parallel between the two groups with synth and electronica being used in songs. Ash of Sugar Donut and Juyeon from Copy Machine round out the trio.

The difference heard so far is that LudiSTELO is a bit more melodic than the rock-synth of Ratios. Both groups are excellent, but LudiSTELO presents the music as the core as opposed to Ratios which sound like the vocals are the defining point of the band.

As always with short releases, there is a big desire for more music, but the group make these three songs blend together very well into one extended track. The energy that emerges from each song, “Play The Earth,” “Edge Of The World,” and “Play The Air” all follow a common thread and it makes me more excited to hear how the full-length will flow song to song.

LudiSTELO have made an excellent official introduction with Play The Earth. It shows a sample of the style that the group is comfortable playing and they have refined and polished the songs into great tracks. The band is planning on releasing three singles and a full-length so there’s more music to come.

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