sima kim‘s miscellaneous album is a collection of songs from other releases. It’s a window into music that he created to, in his words, trace from starting point to present. His style is definitely more ambient and minimal and these songs are an interesting group of how he started to where he is now.

sima kim miscellaneous

The first track “sunshine with piano” is very simple. Focusing on a piano accompanied by what sounds like a glockenspiel with ambient synth in the background, there’s not really a true verse to chorus arrangement. It just moves from beat to beat presenting a repeating melody. The instruments change a bit in “petit melody” but it still has the general style of the previous song. That’s the beauty of sima kim’s music. The ambient style sounds simplistic on the surface, but there’s a lot of layers to each song even when they sound like there’s no dynamic element.

With the release there’s no core theme to the music as the songs came from separate releases. There is a definite evolution of the music though, even when the start minimalism is present. It doesn’t really matter that the songs don’t carry a fast tempo or really dynamic arrangement, the songs are addictive. They easily entrance the listener because it pulls a soundtrack-like background tone that disappears and reappears.

Granted, sima kim’s music may be boring to people who like loud and high tempo music, but electronica and synth fans should give his work a listen. The songs really show that more isn’t always necessary and creating songs that can draw you in with limited tools is impressive.

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