Black Bag is a band that I heard in 2012. From that point, I only saw the random YouTube performance of the band. Now with Rain Has Fallen, the band is able to present themselves over eleven songs. Previously, I found the band to be missing a concrete presence on their previous early release. With Rain Has Fallen, the band presents a stronger image and it’s much easier to hear the talent of the group.

Describing Black Bag, I would say that they’re a rock band. While their songs take different approaches, they play rock music. The songs on Rain Has Fallen have great instrumentation and are fun to listen to, but each one sounds like its own single. That’s the only problem with the album, songs don’t sound connected to one another. While that may be due to how the order of songs was decided, it does make listening to album uneven.

But there are some amazing songs like “You Can’t Hide.” With a 4:50 length, it sounds double the length. It also has some impressive drumming. The recording of the songs is good and captures all the elements of the songs, but I’m more curious to see how the band plays these songs live now. There are portions of songs that I would like to see live.

The talent of the band is captured on Rain Has Fallen and it’s a great album, but there is still something uneven about the songs. I do think that these problems are nonexistent when played live and Black Bag are on my list to bands I need to see the next time I’m in Seoul.

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