I don’t listen to a lot of hardcore or metal music generally. I do enjoy hardcore a lot, it’s just a little difficult to find it available outside of South Korea. Vassline‘s 2013 album Black Silence is one of my favorites from last year. It contains many of the signature elements of the genre and presents itself as an example of how good the genre is inside the country.

vassline black silence

Containing 14 songs, Black Silence starts with a low key introduction track “Radix,” but then jumps full force into the pounding tempo with “The Protester.” It’s a song that instantly grabs your attention between the screaming vocals and never ending energy. This continues throughout the album on each song.

Guest vocals from 요한 of Pia, 노건욱 of To My Last Breath, 임환택 of Hollow Jan, and others really give extra depth to the songs they contribute on. If the genre isn’t one that you favor, you probably won’t be convinced with Black Silence but it’s easy to get lost in the fury that’s presented on each song.

Vassline is a band that’s existed within the hardcore scene for a long time. While there was a gap between their previous album Permanence and this album, the talents of the band haven’t diminished in any way. Honestly, even if you don’t listen to hardcore often, this is an album that’s a required listen, even if too see the variety of music from Korea.

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