Return by The Breathing released at the end of November 2013. I missed the release of the album, but was able to hear it at the end of the year. Containing songs from their The Glory EP, Return is a full length with eleven songs. The first track, “Return,” is a re-introduction to the music of the band.

the breathing return

The core sound contains guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard with additional elements added through the use of synth. Vocals are still a mixture of English and Korean with the majority of songs using English. “Monsters” is more of the first single which features dual male/female vocals on the chorus. It carries a non-standard style with the drums and bass keeping the tempo and melody while the guitar adds its voice during the verses. Vocals do take center stage with the songs.

Return mixes between indie rock songs like “Monsters” and pop rock songs like “Disappeared.” I’m more partial “Disappeared” because the tempo is a bit faster and more directed. The previous EP’s songs sound a little out of place on the album because the newer songs have a different tone. Newer album songs have a much more expanded sound. Songs like “Together” show the versatility of the band and it’s something that I wish there was more of on Return.

With about a year between The Glory and Return, The Breathing’s sound have changed a little bit. It’s not like a genre-jumper, but there is more precision on the new songs. Return is a good indie pop rock album. It’s a little unbalanced with The Glory’s songs, but if anyone missed them on the previous release, it’s good to be able to hear them.

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