8 songs. 12:06 length. That’s all I need. Things We Say‘s EP Time to Change is basically all I want in a hardcore punk EP. It gets to the point on each song in about 30 seconds and hits the bridge right before the end of the song. Removing all the extraneous parts of songs, Things We Say are direct, making their statement, and then moving to the next song.

things we say time to change

Hardcore punk is alive and well in South Korea, though it’s difficult to find it. Things We Say bridge borders because the international appreciation of the music. Even though the marked as hardcore, it doesn’t contain the screaming that is found in other more metal-influenced hardcore. My favorite song is “Seoul Hardcore” because it captures the essence of the music that can be found in South Korea.

Most people wouldn’t know that many different genres of music exist, but Things We Say are a band that showcase all the talent and ability of passionate musicians. Things We Say grab your attention with a simplistic setup. The music is straight-forward with guitar, bass, and drums all glued together by the excellent vocals. If hardcore music isn’t your genre of choice, it’s still essential that you hear the EP because it captures a side of Korean music that isn’t heard that often.

Korean punk has always been impressive and Things We Say is one of the bands that have already crossed the Pacific to show their talent to international audiences. They have that ability to connect with fans of the genre in other countries though the music and that’s is one thing that makes them so special.

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