feverdogssweet nightmare is one of my favorite records of last year. I also enjoyed their single on the Busan City Compilation. They released a standalone single afterwards called a man from space (우주소년). Now I really like feverdogs, but one song isn’t enough.

feverdogs a man from space

The biggest change is that “a man from space (우주소년)” is moves in the same direction as “빠삐용” with a more melodic rock sound rather than the big distortion of their full-length. I really like the direction that the band is moving into with a precise and polished sound, but I want to hear more. As a single, “a man from space” doesn’t have the power of an introduction track, but has more of a middle-of-the-album sound.

The song is great, I enjoy the different layers of guitar and how the bass and drums give the necessary support to the song, but I’m waiting for the power that was heard on “come together” and “Highskool Blues.” The potential of feverdogs is big, the band has a lot of talent behind the finished products of songs and I’m hoping that the next EP will showcase it.

feverdogs are a band to keep an eye on. “a man from space” is merely a sample to me. It displays a taste of the band, but not the song that’s going to really showcase the best possible. I continue to wait until the next release.

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