Fueled by my interest in discovering more Korean hardcore, I found Burn My Bridges on bandcamp. The music of the band is hardcore punk. The recording of Connection is direct and without a lot of flourishes. It also sounds like it was recorded on a small budget because the mix of the music is a little uneven. The vocals sit on top of the instrumentals, then the guitars, and the drums, which sound a little too faint on the songs. But the EP captures the power of the band which is probably much better live.

burn my bridges connection

If you don’t like hardcore music, then there’s little to interest you. Though coming from listening to a lot of American punk and hardcore from the late 90s, I find Burn My Bridges to be very true to form. It’s music that gets the point across through powerful chords, pounding drums, and aggressive vocals.

It would be nice to hear the album remastered and remixed so each instrument can speak more clearly, but the EP can still capture everything. Unlike some other hardcore bands, Burn My Bridges doesn’t focus so much on blazing tempos. The energy never diminishes on any song and one of the standouts is “Burn My Bridges.” The vocals sear over the instrumentals and the group calls at the end of verses add a lot of energy. Burn My Bridges is a very good hardcore band.

Connection sounds like a very do-it-yourself recording, but manages to capture the power of the band. The seven songs leave you wanting more and hopefully the band is able to release more music in the future. Still, it would be nice to hear the album re-recorded so that all the elements could be heard a bit clearer.

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