After reviewing 사람12사람‘s Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon and the Sun, I started talking to the duo on Twitter. I bought the EP from the band directly and waiting for its arrival. When I opened the package, I found Young Gifted & Wack’s 2013 compilation album. I was familiar with a few of the artists, but there were many that I knew the name of, but was never able to listen to music from.

young gifted and wack 2013 new wack musc

Listening through the compilation a few times, I can definitely say that the artists who participated are ones to watch. The music is a bit focused on electronic music especially with artists like .59, Damirat, and Graye. I don’t think everyone on the compilation is signed to the label, but the track list is impressive. Damirat’s “Noaf-3(Wie)” is a favorite as well as Yukari’s “1,2,3” which I think is only available on this compilation or her Japanese version of Echo.

사람12사람 includes “Wind Blow” and 강태구 has the song “잠시동안” (Radio Kiss Indie Music Special Wack Radio Session) which is a vocal and guitar track, giving the compilation some variety. The jump back to electronic is quick and songs by Miiin and Hyoo‘s “하늘춤” is a mix of beats and bizarre samples. Ece‘s “Cuckoo” is a strong alternative rock song that adds some more aggression to the laid back album.

2013 New Wack Music is a perfect sampler of all these artists and I wish it was available easier outside of South Korea. The diversity of music is its best strength and the 14 tracks give you introductions to 14 artists. I feel like Young Gifted & Wack are going to release some great music in the future and it’s a label to keep an eye on.

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