Sima Kim‘s normal drone and minimalist music is great in certain moods. The ambient sound fits with a lot of moods, but might not draw much direct attention unless you’re focusing on it. His EP, Ur Silhouette, goes into a different direction with a darker and sober tone. It’s core has the Sima Kim signature, but the primary sounds are a bit different.


It’s the change that shows how versatile he is when creating music. Ur Silhouette has layers of sounds and that’s easily shown on the track with the same name as the EP. He also shows off his skills making instrumentals with guest vocals from J▲l▲l S▲l▲▲m, Josué Josué, and Almeeva.

At first, I didn’t know if vocals would fit over Sima Kim’s songs, but the songs with added vocals are amazing. They showcase the skills of the vocalists like J▲l▲l S▲l▲▲m on “Then I Could Just Die Today.” His ability to flow rhymes and verses over the ambient sounds is perfect. It also shows that the instrumentals while not sounding like they follow a normal tempo have a structure that can be followed.

The songs on Ur Silhouette do have a darker tone with more noticeable beats than previous work. The change on the EP from his other releases is stark, but it does show the talent as a composer and the possibilities and directions he could take with future work. In a way, Ur Silhouette is a tangent for Sima Kim showing that he can create a variety of music.

If anyone though Sima Kim was limited in his ability to create music, Ur Silhouette will prove them wrong. He’s among the musicians that I want to see live. If you’ve listening to Sima Kim before, you may be surprised with the EP and if it’s the first time you’re hearing his music, then prepare to enjoy.

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