Discovering new music is one of the best parts about exploring. When I found 11‘s release on bandcamp, I only spent about 30 seconds on the first song “dear may” before I bought the release. The mixture of electronic instrumentals combined with Jiyeon Kim‘s warm and welcoming voice was all I needed. The songs on 11 are all influenced by the weather and climate. Sometimes it’s not that easy to tell which season directly influenced each song, but when every song is great, enjoying the release as a whole is simple.

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The base of each song uses an electronic core. Then extra layers are added on, whether this is guitar and drums like on “raindrop” or samples like on “nail,” each song is arranged excellently. “nail” is my favorite song on the EP because the layers of melody combined with Jiyeon’s voice are amazing. I also enjoy the smaller beat-specific flourishes that are spread throughout the song.

What cements the entire EP together is the flow of Jiyeon’s voice. It’s warm and melodic, easily moving with the various tempos and is fully supported by the instrumentals. “fogbound” is the song that combines a lot of elements heard on other songs together. Hearing what I think are live drums (though it could be pre-programmed samples) gives the song a broader sound that plays against the bass beat that is constant in the background.

I didn’t know what to really expect from 11, but since I’ve been enjoying more ambient and electronic music, this is another perfect album that I’ll enjoy listening to for a long time. I hope that Jiyeon composed more music, whether it’s another project or regular songs I will keep listening.

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