After signing to a label, Sasquatch returned with a new EP called Strange Season. It’s like a continuation of their full length, Utopia, but with a lot more pop and synth. It’s a very melodic pop album with all the right hooks on every verse and chorus. The introduction track is a little forgettable and it feels like the album actually starts with the second song, “세레나데.”

sasquatch strange season

It plays in contrast to “퍼레이드,” which is the first song because the song isn’t as outright power pop. Playing a more melodic pop rock song, Sasquatch show that they expertly craft songs. “피피섬” is where synth really comes into full effect. The first verse featuring piano and vocals is a misdirection to the rest of the song which mixes guitar, bass, drums, and synth together perfectly. The song overall has an upbeat tempo, which may be supported by the style of synth used.

Sasquatch definitely are calling back to older pop rock in their songs, like with “다이어리.” It comes across with a power pop melody and the vocals effortlessly flow over the melody. I honestly think that songs like this are difficult to arrange because of the decisions made to how the song flows together. While listening to Strange Seasons is enjoyable, it can get overwhelming with the style. It’s a lot of fun to listen to, but not suited to all moods. But with eight songs, the EP starts and ends rather quickly.

Sasquatch are definitely making their presence known with Strange Seasons. Many bands use synth, but Sasquatch are one of the only bands that I know of who are utilizing it in this way to craft these melodic pop songs. I really like the direction that Sasquatch is going and I know the collaboration between the members will result in great songs.

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