As the second band in the show, Smacksoft‘s mixture of post punk, rock, and electronica was the perfect follow up to Rock’n’Roll Radio‘s set. Starting with Follow Your Heart‘s single “It is You & Me,” Smacksoft were able to draw the crowd in for a second time.


Whang Bo Ryung‘s stage presence was great. Her ability to connect with the audience was impressive because most people didn’t know who Smacksoft was before they went on stage. The song is also somewhat of a subterfuge because of the variety of music that the band has. “It is You & Me” is a slower song from the band and mixes a lot of electronic synth in the song that is pushed forward by Whang Bo Ryung’s vocals.

Hearing her voice live was surprising. As the recorded tracks have a restrained version of her voice, the live performance allows her to present a different perspective. The other songs in the set contained some of the band’s rock songs which compared to the first song seemed to surprise people. The band’s performance was impressive moving through the different styles of the band. By the end, Smacksoft had entranced the audience.

I think that Smacksoft’s set was effective in showcasing how different styles exist in Korean independent music as well as in the band itself. I had expected a more subtle set of songs, but it was cool to see the band expand and play some of the louder tracks. As one of the bands that previously toured the United States, they know how to play to a different audience and it’s something they accomplished with little problems.

Like Rock’n’Roll Radio, they could have benefited from a longer set so show off more songs, but with the limited time they had I think they definitely had success connecting with people from San Francisco.

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