It seems that I’ve missed a lot of great Korean hardcore music. It’s a genre that’s kind of difficult to find because bands don’t release the music online outside of South Korea. That’s changed recently and the latest band I’ve been listening to constantly is All I Have. A Busan-based band (a city that seems to be exploding with great bands), All I Have are an excellent hardcore punk band.

all i have busan beach blues

The general genre of “hardcore” is vague, but the music from the band is a combination of hard distorted guitars, a beat-following bass, pounding drums, and not-quite melodic vocals. Actually, the vocals sit on top of the instrumentals without matching the melodies, but it works. The power of the vocals are only accented by the strength of the band. Since songs are in English, it’s possible to get a slight understanding of the lyrics, though it will take a couple of repeats of each song to actually understand what’s being said.

Busan Beach Blues‘ core though is the emotion that comes across the songs. The album features twelve excellent songs with one live version of “A Step for Today.” I really enjoy listening to hardcore, but All I Have’s album has become of of my recent favorites and I keep playing it over and over again.

There is a lot to enjoy on All I Have’s album and it’s perfect for a hardcore fan. I don’t know what’s exactly going on in Busan now, but the bands that are releasing music have all been really good. The variety is really shown off with each release. Hopefully, All I Have continue to release music and their next release is even better than Busan Beach Blues.

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