I’d seen Goldmund‘s Unplanned Works on bandcamp, but I hesitated in buying it with all the other music I was listening to. Once I started listening to the EP, I realized I made a mistake. Goldmund’s EP is a great electronic album, slightly skewed towards dance beats and melodies.

goldmund unplanned works

This is first heard on “Signal Lost” where the fast tempo and melodies keep the pulse of the song moving forward from start to finish. This changes a little on “Prism in Snow,” which features a slower beat but still has all the elements from “Signal Lost.” The vocals on the “Prism in Snow” are interesting because they carry a melancholy tone to them.

Guesting on the album is YUKARI on “Stereotype Lovesong.” She adds her vocals on some verses of the song. Her voice fits the style very well, though it gets mixed within the instrumentals of the song a little. But the song is more of a return of the 80s style dance mix that the duo is very good at arranging.

I’d have to say my favorite song is “Heroes” because of the rhythms used. The dance mix tone pulls you in very quickly and the energy comes across easily. The EP features seven original songs, three remixes, and an instrumental version. Two of the remixes are by YUKARI and Titan Slang. Each remix gives the song a different feel from the original, but keeps the theme of the original. I’d have to say there some of my favorite remixes I’ve heard.

While I don’t know much about Goldmund, the duo have a very solid EP. The electronic style is another example of the variety the genre holds and it’s a lot of good music to listen to on repeat. I think it would be interesting to hear an entire remix album and see how other electronic artists alter the songs as well as hear Goldmund get a chance to remix some other artist’s tracks.

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