HOLOGRAM FILM, a rookie K-indie rock group that made their debut with an impressive first EP, Fresh Light (2012), finally released their first ever full album, In the Wild, after nearly 2 years since their debut.


The band focuses much on introducing vintage sounds in their tracks by using analogue synths, vintage sound effects, and 80’s drum audio source. This is surprising especially since the average age of the band members is around mid-20s.

Although not a fan of the track “That Night” in particular, I found other releases such as “Red Rum,” from their 2nd EP Kate, and “Dead End” to be more aligned with my taste. I am definitely looking forward to HOLOGRAM FILM’s progress and advancement in the scene.

Check out their video for their first track “Return”:


01. Return
02. Say the Truth
03. Shine your light
04. Wolf
05. Bourbon
06. Do you want to go on a
07. Trip
08. Dead End
09. Loop
10. “That Night” 그 밤 (Feat. 나인 of 디어클라우드)
11. 참을 수 없는
12. Whales Song
13. Galaxy
14 PMAM (Bonus Track)

Into The Wild on iTunes.


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