I think Norwegian Wood has been one of the most difficult to find albums. The band recently released two EPs on bandcamp and I picked both of them up. I quickly previewed a couple live videos from the band, but never got a real sense of the style of music. With Realize the Real Lies, I can finally start to get a feeling of the style of music from the group.

norwegian wood realize the real lies

It’s definitely different from what I expected. The music is more mellow than I imagined. The first track, “Daze,” is an introduction track and “The end of girl who chases butterfly is cliff” is the first true song. “The end of girl who chases butterfly is cliff” sounds like a mix of English and Korean vocals, but it’s a low key song with piano as the main instrument surrounded by extra effects. The tone of the song is ambient, almost like a post-rock song without the dramatic breakdowns.

“Reality” sounds a bit like an OST track. The full band sound is accented with strings. “Reality” carries a somber tone because of the vocals, but the instrumentals crescendo in the bridge with a spoken word overdub with the music. It sounds different from the previous tracks, but ends as it begins.

Norwegian Wood play a different style of indie rock music. I’m not actually sure it can be definitively defined as rock because the song arrangements are so variety while containing a specific overall theme. I do think that Realize the Real Lies showcases the talent of the band which many might not have heard before. The EP was released in 2013 and there’s a new single for 2014 that I haven’t heard yet. I’m looking forward to more music from Norwegian Wood because it has a lot of impressive elements that sound like they’re evolving.

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