I had a chance to see Space Papa live once and I found their energetic electro-rock a lot of fun. I only heard two demos since then and then saw that they were raising money for an EP. The result of crowdfunding is Adaptor. This is a step away from the sound I heard live and on the demos. It’s much more focused and professional. Space Papa’s style has also changed a lot and it’s surprising.

space papa adaptor

While I enjoyed listening to the electro-rock of the band before, I think that Adaptor is better. The structure of the songs are less focused on keeping up with the tempo and allows the band to really explore the melodies through the instruments and vocals. They still use synth in their songs, but it’s less about adding extra sounds and is another instrument for the melody.

It’s actually more difficult to hear it because it blends so well to each song. Listen to “Human” for the first time and try to single out the synth. It’s not as obvious. It essentially takes the place of a bass guitar. The use of synth hides itself so well while adding so much to each song. “To Borrow the Moonlight” is an excellent example of how the band’s progressed over the years. While they may have abandoned the high energy electro-rock, Adaptor’s moody and more funk-jazz-blues-rock mixture is addictive.

Space Papa’s Adaptor may signify a new direction for the band, but it sounds like they’ve discovered a sound that fits them perfectly. The EP only contains five songs, but it sticks to your ears after it’s finished. If this is the direction that Space Papa are heading, I expect some great things from a full-length.

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