Banran‘s Stop Kor was released in 2010, but I found it through bandcamp. Another representation of Korean hardcore, Banran fuel eleven songs in 9 minutes and 43 seconds. That means Banran gets to the point, makes it, and then moves on to the next song. If you don’t like hardcore or punk music that features high speed tempos, massive amounts of distortion, and vocals that are screaming and yelling, then Banran probably won’t interest you.

banran stop kor

But if you do enjoy listening to a lot of hardcore music, then Banran’s Stop Kor is definitely an album to listen to. Since it was released in 2010, I don’t know how much might have changed over the years for the hardcore genre. Generally it’s already difficult to find hardcore music easily online, but listening through Banran’s album, I can at least say that 2010 did still carry the energy and fuel for powerful songs.

Since the songs range from 36 seconds to 1:26, you will have to listen to the album a few times to really get a sense of what’s going on. In the first impression, it’s a collision of sound. On the second listen, then you start to hear individual instruments and how they coexist with each other. When you start the third play, that’s when you can really hear individual sounds and the ability of each member.

Banran are a great example of Korean hardcore. I don’t know how active they are now, but it would be great to hear other releases from the band. I’m sure that they will have the same amount of energy or even more.

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Banran on bandcamp.

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