I don’t listen to Casker that often. Really only when the mood hits. But when I saw Junno‘s Shift, I figured it might be worth a listen. I’m surprised at the difference it has to the music of Casker. It’s much more downtempo, slower in melody, and generally plays as really nice background music. This applies to at least the first song, “Floater.”

juuno shift

Since the EP is five songs, it’s not able to make a full statement through the music, but more of a sample. “시간을 믿은 시간이 너무 길었다” reminds me a lot of the ambient electronic music that I’ve been listening to more lately. The layers of samples and beats combine to create an overall slow tempo with the synth additions artificially giving the song structure. That changes in “거절 (Feat. Azin).” The addition of vocals presents a new dimension to the song. It has similar features to “시간을 믿은 시간이 너무 길었다,” but the vocals provide a different melody.

Shift’s style changes again with “Poly Evil (Feat. 짙은)” because of the more sorrow-sounding vocals. That’s mixed within a pulsing bass beat along with samples to create a strange, electronic ballad song. It doesn’t follow the genres facets exactly, but does become addictive. It’s my favorite song on the EP for sure. The final song “후일담” brings the tempo down with what could have been a slow indie song, but replaces standard instruments with electronica. The core of the melody comes from a piano, but the extra effects expand the song really well.

I don’t know how different Shift would be to Casker, but I do like this EP a lot. It has elements of electronic music that I enjoy a lot. The slow tempos allow you to get immersed in the songs really easily. Junno’s arrangements are perfect for background music though on the first listen, you’ll want to hear each song carefully.

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