While I thought I had heard music from Hologram Film through an official release, it turns out that it’s more likely that I heard them through a recorded live performance. So listening to Into The Wild is my first real listen. The style of Hologram Film is rock accented with synth, at least on the album. It’s somewhat sounds like a tangent from The Koxx, but with a mixture of garage rock. It’s definitely a fun album and upbeat. People looking for danceable music will easily find it on the album.

hologram film into the wild

But Into The Wild does seem to enjoy jumping into a lot of different directions. “Say The Truth” is a more customary rock song while the next track “Shine Your Light” is very pop rock. It still has the same energy, but the tone is very pop friendly. Hologram Film jump again on “Wolf” which sounds like a 1980s New Wave pop song. Some songs break the immersion that the harder toned rock songs have, but overall the band still presents a very solid album.

“Bourbon” is my favorite and one I can see international audiences enjoying seeing live with the way the beat pulses and the guitar play a triplet polyrhythm over it. Into The Wild also includes some re-recorded songs, “Trip” which comes from their 2013 single Trip and “Dead End” from 2012’s Fresh Light. The album is long with 14 songs, but it really serves as a first introduction for new listeners. Hologram Film really present themselves perfectly with their sound and style.

Hologram Film has a set of great songs. There are a couple missteps where the band goes off in a different direction, but otherwise you can’t lose listening to Into The Wild. They’re a newer band, establishing themselves in 2012, but it does sound like they’ve found their sound and have a lot of potential to grow.

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