Most people have heard of The Koxx and Loro’s, but most probably don’t know individual members. While members of The Koxx are in military service, bassist Sunbin paired up with Loro’s guitarist JinSil and drummer SangWook to start Life and Time. It’s a little hard to describe the band’s specific sound, but it’s a mix of garage rock, British rock, and technical drumming.

life and time the great deep

The Great Deep is their official EP with five songs. Their lead single “Tiger” sits in the middle of the songs and the first track “The Great Deep” serves as an excellent introduction. It has elements of both The Koxx and Loro’s which is an amazing combination. “Universe” moves at a slower tempo with the guitar providing support for the vocals while the bass maintains the core of the song. What’s most impressive to me is the drumming on all the tracks.

While it sounds simple, there are a lot of rhythms used on each song that aren’t the standard 4/4 time signature. This is easily heard on “Universe.” But most people will have heard “Tiger” before any other song. This is a strong garage rock song with the guitar immediately setting a groove. The bass and drums support by adding notes to fill out the song when necessary. On the first listen, “Tiger” is addictive. The attitude that Life and Time present through it is the perfect introduction.

“Southern Coast” is almost an opposite of the energy of “Tiger” with the tempo and tone. It’s like a post-rock influenced break allowing the melody to explore where it wants. The closing track “River” is similar to “Southern Coast” except that it’s a slow rock song. It allows the vocals to shine a lot more than other songs.

I had a lot of hopes for Life and Time, having only heard one song before and The Great Deep has satisfied them. The band is very talented and created some very strong songs. The EP is definitely a mix of Loro’s and The Koxx, but it doesn’t allow the bands to control the style of music. The Great Deep shows what collaboration can do and hopefully the trio can continue to be a band for the long future.

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