Strangely, I found Loro’s through Pika. Jane Ha (Pika) is a member of Loro’s, who were on hiatus because members were performing their required Korean military service, and released great solo music during that time.

Loro’s Dream(s) is their second album from 2009. Consisting of three songs to make a 30 minute album, I see Dream(s) as one of the best representations of the shoegaze genre. The variety of elements that go into making each of these songs is amazing.

The full band is combined with strings and explores many different melodies and tempos. When listening to any of the songs, you will hear a mixture of styles layering over each other. The volume of the songs don’t betray the melodies which comprise of the core of shoegaze music. Shoegaze, in my opinion, isn’t strictly about what is heard, but the quiet moments of empty space in between.

Regardless, even if you’re not familiar with the style, Loro’s is one of the best bands to introduce it. It’s different and complicated, requiring a longer time to digest all the musical elements. Even now, listening to Dream(s), I still hear parts of songs that are new and add another strong layer in the music.

Dream(s) is an impressive album to listen to. The members are excellent musicians who intelligently mix and match their talents to create amazing songs.

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