The subject of “what can be considered Korean and independent” has been a longstanding personal debate. The core mission of Korean Indie has always and will always be to help readers discover Korean bands from South Korea.

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Personally, I listen to some Korean American musicians like Parker (previously known as dumbfoundead) and Kero One but it didn’t fit the mission of the site as a whole and I never talked about them.

Recently missy emailed me asking if she could start highlighting international Korean musicians and artists. I took a look through the email and sat for about five minutes thinking about it.

Does covering international Korean independent musicians diminish the site overall?

Not really. In fact, I’ve received emails before from Korean American musicians asking about the site and wasn’t able to talk about them. But now I think (and the fact that missy will be leading this) that there’s nothing wrong with highlighting international Korean musicians.

One major point also is that musicians like Hee Young, Big Phony, and Hugh Keice are all “international” musicians. Big Phony is a little more debatable as he lives in South Korea, but he’s from the United States, Hee Young is in New York City and Hugh Keice lives in the UK.

Their connection is that they’re on Korean music labels. But as I see more musicians releasing their music on their own without a label, there’s nothing wrong with helping them also get discovered.

Going forward, Korean Indie will also cover “international” Korean musicians as well as supporting our core mission.

Remember: the keyword is Korean.

Please pass this information to your friends or people you know and email info[at]koreanindie[.]com.

We’re opening our doors to help support more musicians.

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