First off, I have never heard of SQUARED, ever. And normally, I wouldn’t think twice about clicking on a video that I have no prior knowledge about. But I have a strange attachment to lyrics videos and decided to check it out — and boy, was I glad I did.


Okay. The production of the lyric video itself is definitely not great, amateur work to say the least. But the sound of SQUARED is much like one of my favorite mainstream artist, Zion. T, which drew me in even more. If I found Zion. T to have too strong in the nasal game, Squared has just the right amount of nasal and falsetto in “Lemonade.”

A fun-fact about this album is that the whole production is done by the artist himself, from the mixing, producing, and writing of the songs down to the cover artwork, you can see and hear SQUARED’s easy-breezy style of the album.

One thing I found a bit unsettling about the track would be the subtle-but-noticeable echo, which I’m sure was intended, seems to mimic the karaoke-like atmosphere and quality.

“Swim In You” doesn’t get any better in terms of the echo-level but it does make more ‘sense’ with the kind of groove that the track has. Overall, the most noticeably interesting thing about SQUARED is his sound and groove, which again, really reminds me of Zion. T, which is really important for any R&B singer to have.

Lasting comment? Add “Swim In You” and “Lemonade” in your lazy Summer day playlist, put the volume on low, kick back, and relax with the laid-back groove of SQUARED.

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