When I received the email from Good Night, Patrasche it looked like a simple “please listen to us” message. But when I started listening to the band, I was impressed pretty quickly. Good Night, Patrasche is comprised of relatively young members.

They play a style of melodic rock that’s not hugely common and I found their song “Dream” reminded me of Donawhale which is one of my favorite bands. Since Good Night, Patrasche is somewhat new, I thought it would be great for the band to introduce themselves.

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Can you introduce Good Night, Patrasche?

Hello everyone, we are sensitive Modern rock band Good Night, Patrasche. from Korea.

How did the band start?

First we met in the College Music club, and Ki-hyun and Jeong-Seon suggested the band to the other members.

Good Night, Patrasche is a very distinct name, where did it come from?

As we were thinking about the band name, we watched the animation A Dog of Flanders. It is about a little guy Nero and his dog Patrasche and they die as it ends sadly in the animation. We were inspired by this animation and we would like to give audiences who listen our music comfort. This is why we named our band.

How long has each member been playing their instrument?

Kihyun (Guitarist) and Hong-Shin (Drummer) started playing in their early 20s from college. Jeong-Seon (Bassist) started in High School, And Moa (Vocal) was actually a pianist who was playing piano since she was a child and this is the first band that she started as a vocalist.

The self-titled EP is centered around strong melodies, on vocals, keyboards, and guitars; why did the band decide to focus on a melodic rock sound?

We all know the importance of messages in all musical instruments, but the easiest part for people to remember is the melody line we believe. We mostly focus on the melody line to make people understand our messages better.

Are there any bands that influenced Good Night, Patrasche’s sound?

All members of GNP love British Pop and the classy, dreamlike sound of Northern Europe music. For example we get inspiration from Sigur Rós, D’Sound, Coldplay.

The EP recently released, how long did it take to record?

We have recorded from January to the beginning of March.

Keyboards usually aren’t a main instrument in bands, was there a reason for focusing on its use in songs?

There’s nothing like the keyboard in music range and various sound we believe. We would like to take advantage of the infinite potential of keyboard and make various sounds of music.

Are there any bands you recommend in South Korea?

언니네 이발관 (Sister’s Barbershop), 3rd Line Butterfly, 박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon), Rollercoaster, and My Aunt Mary.

Since the self-titled EP is your first release, what were your expectations on its release?

We don’t expect anything, but just to introduce our band and want it to be a first impression.

What are the band’s plan for the rest of 2014?

We would like to feel the audience by playing in lots of concert and gigs as much as possible and we are scheduled to make our first single album.

For each member, what is your favorite band? (Korean or international)

– Vocal & Keyboard: Moa : Maximillian Hecker, Sigur Rós, D’Sound, Priscilla Ahn

– Guitar: Kihyun : Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sarah MaClaran, John Mayer

– Bass: Jeong-Seon : Beatles, Jamiroquai, Coldplay, Kings Of Convenience

– Drums: Hong-Shin : Extreme, Rage Against the Machine, Ellegarden

Being a band in Korea seems difficult, does everyone work besides playing in Good Night, Patrasche?

3 of us are still in college so we will stay in college until we graduate.

Anything to say to readers?

Thank you for your love and care for our very beginning from Korea Indie. We hope Korea Indie to be happy and love GNP all time!

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