I had the great opportunity to meet G of Riot Kidz when I went to Seoul. The whole band had this great energy when performing. Thankfully, G lived in the US for a number of years and speaks excellent English so it was easy to communicate. He had mentioned before Riot Kidz, he produced his own Hip-Hop music.

hi-skooler 20 dollar meal

I never knew the name of it until he sent me an email with his release, 20 Dollar Meal. It’s a five song EP of instrumental tracks that could easily be used as an official track for a rapper. The songs on 20 Dollar Meal are slow in tempo, consisting of multiple layers. The percussion is programmed, but it’s easy to hear the recording of the guitar especially on “Cold as Ice.” It’s definitely different from the power chords G plays in Riot Kidz, but shows his technical ability to compose songs.

There’s a down tempo approach to his music. It’s more focused on melody than hard beats, the percussion play support for the melody. It reminds me a lot of Nujabes‘ style of instrumentals. “Lunch Break” is my favorite song because of the use of keyboard in parallel with the guitar. It’s easy to see someone speaking verses over the instrumental while being supported by a live band. It would be interesting to hear someone apply lyrics over these songs and perform them with a live band.

HI-SKOOLER is another side of G. It’s different from his work in Riot Kidz and shows that he’s capable of producing some interesting tracks. It would be great to see the songs used in collaboration with someone to create a new tone. The songs on 20 Dollar Meal are all similar and I’m curious to know what other directions that G can take with his compositions.

HI-SKOOLER on bandcamp.

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