I can only uses the tags that CONG VU uses to describe the music. “Electronic,” “footwork,” and “juke” are the tags he uses on his bandcamp page. I’m not familiar with juke as a genre, but from a description I read, it’s heavy on beats and percussion. That comes through with B l a m e. The EP only consists of five songs and they go by pretty fast.

cong vu blame

There’s definitely a focus on the bass of each song along with how samples of snare drums and cymbals are used. When I first listened to B l a m e, I was a little confused. It took about three plays of the EP before I started to understand the arrangement of the songs. This isn’t to say I know how CONG VU creates the songs, but I can understand how the different elements create the song. It’s not especially melodic, there’s actually not a prominent melodic line in the songs, it more of the way that samples are layered in the songs.

I actually prefer percussion heavy music because there are a lot of things that can be done when breaking beats down from the straight quarter note. Rhythms are both simple and complex. I think that people who listen to CONG VU are probably going to get turned off to the music when they first hear it. But the tracks require some patience and understanding of how they’re composed to appreciate them.

CONG VU is definitely an “outside” type of musician. B l a m e won’t immediately speak to everyone, but there’s a high level of respect in how the music is created. I really enjoy trying to pick apart all the smaller elements and samples that are used because it’s so different from what I normally listen to. People who enjoy experimental music will really enjoy CONG VU.

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