It’s difficult to base a decision on two songs, but considering that Afro Maria only have four official releases, Febriltember 115 is the easiest to talk about. While I found the band more through “Dog,” this two song single still does an excellent job of showcasing the band. Afro Maria is, at its core, a pop punk band. I still enjoy listening to pop punk and Afro Maria know how to play the style.

afro maria Febriltember 115

“Want It Back” has all the basic elements of great pop punk. A quick tempo, simple power chords, excellent drums that keep the tempo moving, and melodic vocals. One of the things I like about Afro Maria is that the band has female vocals which gives the music a different tone. In a simple way, it gives the band a consistent sound of youth.

“Alice in Neverland” is the other song on the single. The song is a big slower, but doesn’t hit the style of a ballad. “Alice in Neverland” is another standard slow pop punk song. The slower intro and verse leads to a upbeat chorus. The song’s transition isn’t unexpected, but Afro Maria do a great job with the arrangement.

Afro Maria are a relatively new band. While the genre they play isn’t technically complicated, the band has captured the core of the style and these two songs are perfect examples. These two songs are a great introduction, but it would be nice to have a longer release to hear a better presentation of the ability of the band.

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